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eMitter PestCam

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PestCam is the world's first camera made for Pest Control especially. Why? Because a... more
Product information "eMitter PestCam"

PestCam is the world's first camera made for Pest Control especially. Why? Because a picture says more than a an old bait block.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re in need of a smart tool to fight an active infestation or if the area just needs general monitoring. The biggest advantage of PestCam? It’s super easy to use!

Following steps are necessary:


1. Install the „eMitter Pro App“ for your Android our iOS smartphone.


2. Email us at: with your details and we’ll set up your personal login


3. Add the camera to your App via scan of the QR Code


4. Get started and get ready to be blown away by the many priceless pictures and videos of your pests



We don’t want you to deal with SIM card contracts, SD cards, sense or light settings, batteries and more. This is why we did all of this for you already! The eMitter App and also the web portal can be used by you free of charge. To cover for all costs you only pay a small annual fee that gets cheaper depending on running time. You decide for yourself how long you want to use the PestCam, just like with your Smartphone contract.


Included in the price are 5 pictures per day. Every time the PestCam takes a picture, it also recorded a 20 second video, which is saved locally on the SD card. With the respective card-reader you can easily view these videos on your smartphone or laptop within seconds. Contact us if you need a recommendation.


PestCam: 299,- EUR net Pest_Cam_Freisteller_gross

+ Admin fee for 1 year running time:  1 x 89,- EUR net = 388,- EUR net

+ Admin fee for 2 years running time: 2 x 79,- EUR net = 457,- EUR net

+ Admin fee for 3 years running time: 3 x 59,- EUR net = 476,- EUR net

Please choose your most preferred running time

PestCam technical specs:

·         GSM 3G Modem

·         invisible black light LED flash

·         56 black light IR LEDs

·         dust and waterproof

·         100 ° Lense

·         32 GB SD-Card SanDisk Class  10 FFP

·         12 rechargeable batteries Ni-MH HR6 2500mAh included

·         SIM-Card with international roaming that always chooses the best network available

·         optional timer-setting for e.g. 10pm until 6am for more pictures with actual pests on them

·         with cost-free eMitter App connection

·         Up to 5 pictures per day on your app plus videos saved locally

·         trigger time of 0,4 seconds

·         PIR-technology  (temperature und movement)

·         included 2,0 „TFT-Colour Screen

·         USB-Adapter

·         TV- out

·         after sending 5 pictures to your app the PestCam saves videos locally on SD card

·         pictures in the app have a lower resolution as they are previews (high def. pictures on SDcard)

·         Videos: HD-720P (in color during daytime and b/w at night)

·         Photos on SD card: 3264 x 2448 Pixel

·         Audio: your PestCam also records sound

·         Data in each picture: date, time, temperature, moon phase and battery

·         Daily alive-signals and battery surveillance via app

·         Size: height: 14cm, width: 6cm, length: 10cm640 x 480 (VGA)

·         Weight: ca. 290g (incl. batteries)

·         included equipment: Antenna, mounting strap, batteries , SD-Card, SIM-Card


1 year warranty

Unboxing and Installstion

WEEE registration- no: DE 56346613

Click here for Declaration of Conformity (CE) & Quick Guide

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customer reviews on "eMitter PestCam"
14 Jan 2019

Great Pigeon Cam

We used the camera for pigeon monitoring in our sites, on the roof areas. It is a great product and does what it says on the box, but I would’ve loved it it also sent videos on the app.
We managed with an adapter to our FM smartphone so he can watch videos on his phone, but our wish for next camera would be videos too.
But again: great monitoring of our bird activity and were able to reduce it thanks also to the Futura Camera.

28 Dec 2018

The Rat App

Great with the modern App so that you can see where rats hide. Also clients think you are very professional and high tech. This is always good. It also works good with the digital traps of E-Mitter. recommend it!

27 Dec 2018

I’m loving it. :)

Really impressed. Great App and easy to use. We all love it in the company where we look at the pictures every day and see rats and mice. Great! We used them indoor and outdoor and are very happy.

26 Dec 2018

Camera with Sim card

SIM card included for very good price with 5 pictures per day, which was the point that convinced us.

24 Dec 2018

Finally a Pest Camera

Finally a camera made for Pests and not deer or whatnot. Well done Futura. My clients love it and our tech’s can do a much better job now that they know how the pests move.

22 Dec 2018

100% zufrieden

Ich habe die Kamera gekauft, weil ich meinen Marder in den Griff kriegen wollte. Das Tier war direkt in der 2. Nacht in der App zu sehen und ich wusste dann direkt wo er rein und raus kommt. Hab es dicht gemacht und nun habe ich Ruhe. Funktioniert 100%ig und einfach. Nutze ich nun bei allen meinen Kunden.

20 Dec 2018

Gut, aber…

Die Kamera ist hochwertig und sendet bis zu 5 Bilder am Tag. Wir haben fröhliche Mäuse und Ratten fotografieren dürfen. :.-)
Häufig etwas verschwommene Bilder, wahrscheinlich weil die Tiere so schnell waren. Ich würde mir für die nächste Version noch Videos wünschen. Ansonsten super Support von der Firma zur Erklärung der App. Danke.

19 Dec 2018

Very professional and fun to use

This camera gets me every contract. I offer the service for free and then I show my clients the pictures the camera took. After this I describe my treatment and everybody’s happy. Cant describe the value of an image versus just talk. Now buying my 3rd camera and very happy. Also with the battery runtime and water protection.

17 Dec 2018

Works well

To my knowledge the only existent camera with included SIM card for international roaming and SD card. As I live close to the borders of Belgium and Germany I am working in 3 countries and need a ready-to-use solution. Love the Pestcam and our company will sure use more of these in future.

14 Dec 2018

Superb Camera

Heard about the Camera in one of the workshops I attended and it’s just perfect for the rat and mouse control jobs I take care of with my clients. Finally Pest Control is getting a twist of digital! Love the App too. Well done team.

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